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Foods that help burn fat

If you want to lose weight, your food choices can help with fat burn. By reducing the amount calories you intake and swapping  saturated fats for unsaturated fats will force your body to burn some of its own fat store for energy.

New research recommends a diet containing foods such as steak, mackerel lentils and avocado as It was found these foods cause a reaction in the brain that makes you feel fuller. Another way of losing weight is to add fat burning foods that increase your metabolism to your diet. 

Capsicum, which can be found in chilli peppers, has been found in studies to help fight fat build up. In addition, eating half a grapefruit not only provides over half our vitamin C needs, but also speeds up metabolism.

Adding cinnamon to your food has plenty of health benefits. Studies reveal that a high-fat diet supplemented with cinnamon resulted in less weight gain and healthier blood levels of fat, sugar and insulin compared with a high-fat diet without cinnamon. 

Go on! Add these foods to your diet and reap their weight loss benefits