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Slowing down the ageing process

Having just turned 50 and now classed as ‘old’ (as my children and granddaughter keep reminding me!) its not only important to maintain levels of physicality but also keeping your brain ‘fit’ is just as important.The older we get, the more we should keep our cognitive skills as finely tuned as possible. Research has found that challenging yourself to learn new things regularly will enhance cognitive skills. Combine this with physical exercise and your health will be awesome!

The merits of physical training have been put forward for slowing down the ageing process. High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been advocated to improve fitness and lose weight. However, this form of training is not suitable for all and can actually be quite demotivating and in some cases dangerous.

Great news though, there is new research suggesting low intensity steady state (LISS) exercise – this is working out within your aerobic zone – may be just as effective as HIIT and probably more enjoyable for us ‘oldies’! 

By combining cognitive learning with an activity you really enjoy will make you naturally push harder and reap the benefits! Feeling satisfied with your life and experiencing few if any negative emotions, is associated with better health and a longer life

To keep those cognitive skills as sharp as when you were in your twenties try doing puzzles such as jigsaws or crosswords. If you really want to boost your brain matter learn something completely new. Using your new found ‘superaging’ abilities to keep going when you experience those unpleasant feelings from the new challenge will increase your wellbeing