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Personal Training

Make 7D FitForLife 365 days a year, let’s make it happen

We take our client’s results personally and are invested in your progress. We’re not here to gym babysit our clients but yearn a deep understanding of what our clients require so that real and measurable results can be made.

bespoke programs designed
for the individual

1 session – £50 (OFFER! £40 for the first session)
4 sessions – £175 (was £200)
10 sessions – £400 (was £500)
7D Nutrition Bundle 1 (5 sessions & nutrition plan) – £250 (worth £300)
7D Nutrition Bundle 2 (6 sessions, detailed body comp and report & nutrition plan) – £400 (worth £450)

If you are interested in our bespoke programs designed for the individual or require further details please contact us on:
Mob: 07488 380672