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Endorphins- The ‘feel-good hormone’

When we exercise our body produces a chemical called endorphins which triggers a positive feeling within the body, and reduces our awareness of pain. 

Endorphins transmit electrical signals within the nervous system and bind to the same neutron receptors as some painkillers. Unlike painkillers however, endorphin release does not lead to reliance or addiction. In addition endorphins can often lead to feelings of euphoria, which many athletes (myself included…?) describe after prolonged exercise as a ‘runners high’ during this time there are lower stress levels, less negative thoughts and a reduction in appetite. These combined enable us to make more sensible and healthier choices

Taking part in a fitness class with others could be one of the best ways to boost those endorphin levels and it will also helps to keep your motivation high when you might otherwise be tempted to give up. If you are a long way from fitness a personal trainer can be a good way to get started