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Online Programmes

You're never too old to change!

Our online programs are designed for beginners, intermediates all the way to advanced. you’ll be able to train to your own schedule, giving flexibility and taking the stress out of your exercise routine

7Daley provides bespoke exercise programs tailored to your requirements. Our sessions contain high definition videos and easy to follow instructions that are accessible straight to your mobile, tablet or laptop. There’s also an option to print your workout if you prefer.


Our unique fat burning muscle gaining exercise programs which are written. and designed by Tony Daley with over 15 years experience and include:
  • 2 -5 workouts per week (dependent on program)
  • Easy access through our portal
  • Warm-ups, stretches, resistance exercises, cardiovascular exercise, and core fitness
  • Print outs that include exercises, sets, reps and rest periods
  • Exercise videos showing correct technique
  • Feedback

Tailored to your
individual circumstances and goals

Each comprehensive training program and meal planner will be tailored to your individual circumstances and goals using the knowledge and experience gained in my fifteen years working in the fitness industry at the highest level Your online program and support will cost just a fraction of what you would expect to pay from personal training.


The Online Fitness Assessment is a quick and easy questionnaire that helps us understand your current fitness level. It is a quick and simple questionnaire about your physical activity levels. All you have to do is answer a few easy questions which our experts will analyse and produce bespoke exercise/nutrition plan.