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We are what we can absorb

We are what we eat, right? Is this scientifically correct, or should it be “we are what we CAN ABSORB?” 

Whenever, we pick up a magazine, read an article, watch a health programme, the chances are we will see this statement.

Maybe the food we are eating is not being absorbed as well as we expect. We see this everyday, as most people have deficiencies in one form or another. But if we’re eating healthily, how does this happen?

When we eat, the first action on the food is mostly mechanical – chewing into smaller pieces. The minced food then goes down to the stomach. From the stomach it travels to the intestines.

There are over 23 metres of intestinal tract but absorption usually takes place in the last 7, in the small intestines. It can take anywhere up to 7 hours for food to travel through the length of the intestines and for nutrients to enter the blood. A series of fine-tuned biological reactions assist the moving of minerals and vitamins into the bloodstream, ready for use.

Therefore, absorption is absolutely key. If we cannot absorb enough nutrients from the food we eat, we may even risk illness or injury due to malnutrition. There are a variety of reasons for why nutrients may be poorly absorbed (they are usually no cause for concern) but learning about your body and what it’s capable of means you can give it exactly what it needs for high performance.

At 7D FitForLife, we are a great believer in obtaining nutrients from the food we eat, but in many cases a boost of one or more vitamins or minerals is needed. The most important element of a supplement is how easily it is  absorbed by our bodies. Have you ever used a supplement and felt little effect over time? This was probably due to its form and not its contents. 

Our bodies respond positively to supplements designed with absorption in mind, and sometimes this means we have to understand a supplement at a molecular level. For example, Liposomal absorption has been scientifically proven to be faster and more effective at pushing through the body’s natural absorption barriers of vitamin C. The nature of liposomal mediums means that the vitamin can pass first digestion and enter into the blood – quickly made ready for use. 

At 7D FitForLife , we are always looking at ways to help the body absorb more nutrients from the supplements we take, evaluating the blends and delivery mechanisms, all to help increase the nutrients into the body. 

Ahmed Khan- 7D Cert Herb Med

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